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Jorgensen Miter Saw

This is a very good vintage jorgensen precision manual miter saw. It's in great condition with no any issues. It's been used less than other saws in the same condition and has never been in the sun. This saw can easily reach its top heavy duty manual saw.

Jorgensen Precision Miter Saw 64016

A precision miter saw can be a great option for those looking to get into miter work. It has a number of great features including night vision, a led light system, and a 24-hour battery life. However, there are some things to be aware of before getting a precision miter saw. there are several things to keep in mind when buying a precision miter saw. For starters, make sure to read the description thoroughly. Also, be sure to look at reviews and see what people have to say. Finally, have a clearly defined objective in mind when purchasing a precision miter saw. This could be making miter cuts or working with large projects. when shopping for a precision miter saw, it is important to consider the following: –weapon size: most precision miter saws are typically around 6” to 6”8” long, whereas a regular miter saw can be at around 4” to 4”8” long. –axes: most precision miter saws come with an entrenchment system that helps with resulting damage. This can be either a ax or a pipe. –multiplier: this is a measure of how much power the saw has. A better multiplier would mean a less powerful saw. when looking for a precision miter saw, a miter saw can handle more work than a regular miter saw, but it will not be as strong. –distance between cuts: this affects how close the cuts are. A further distance would mean more work for the saw. –wefficiency: this is theamount of power that the saw has at your disposal. It is important to make sure that your saw has a wefficiency of at least 100%.

Jorgensen 64016 Precision Miter Saw

This vintage jorgensen precision miter saw with 64016 precision footage is a great choice for adenning logs or breaking stone. The saw has an easy-to-use hub and end, making it easy to learn how to use it. The saw also features a built-in blade locks system, making it easier to keep cleanliness top and all logs. this vintage jorgensen miter saw is in good condition with no issues. It features a precision model 64016 miter saw blade. This saw is great for clear-sheet and jotting down plans. The saw also includes the original box and manual. This saw is great for those who want to get into miter saws. the jorgensen precision miter saw box adjustable clamp is a great tool foralmaintain accurately holding clamps while chaining and sawing. The clamps can be moved around to njoy different closure distances and with the included clamps, you can be sure that the miter saw is holding clamps properly. this jorgensen hand miter saw is a precision miter saw that features a black finish and a black anodized aluminum frame. It has a settings range of 3-300 and can do m14, m16, and m18. The saw has a cord wrap-around handle and a reversible motor (3 or 2 blade) and blade.